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Starting out in watercolor

My how to paint with watercolors course is designed for beginners, but is useful for those who have recently started painting with watercolors. Accompanying the DVD disc set are the download notes, 35 pages of watercolor painting tips, written in an easy-to-understand way (just check out the sample pages you can click to see from the DVD course page). Included within the how to paint with watercolors course are grid drawings for all the paintings we do. That will help you until your drawing skills improve, My first DVD shows you the materials you need, paper, paint, brushes. Then how to prepare the paper, lay washes, mix colors, understand perspective and composition Disc 2 onwards, you paint along with me. I not only show you how to paint with watercolors, I talk you through six of my favourite scenes. These watercolor paintings are carefully chosen to demonstrate and teach various skills that you will need. By the time you've finished this fun how to paint with watercolors course, you will have mastered enough watercolor painting technique to complete your own watercolor paintings that will be worthy of framing, and your family and friends will be asking you to paint for them. You will also be able to post your paintings on the members' gallery on our site, ask me questions, and subscribe free to my monthly tip sheet, which covers many aspects of painting. All this for the price of the course!!

You won't have finished learning everything about watercolor, not even the professionals do. That's what makes the hobby so absorbing. Take the first step today.