Watercolor Lessons & Watercolor Techniques for Beginners

Starting Out in Watercolor
  • Lesson 1:Basics and Equipment
  • Lesson 2:Simplifying Complicated Subjects
  • Lesson 3:Painting Boats
  • Lesson 4:Painting Bright Colors
  • Lesson 5:Painting Outdoors
  • Lesson 6:Painting Landscapes
  • Lesson 7:Line and Wash Techniques
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Price: £46.00
People, Cars and Bikes DVD (Bonus DVD)

Over the last twenty years or so painting purely in watercolors, and a lifetime of art, I decided to share my techniques.
The short cuts in painting watercolor will enable you to paint professionally, without having to bother with theory that
you will never need. Get started now! In addition to my DVDs, you get to download 35 pages of notes, which include all
the photos of the scenes we paint, plus grid drawings to help you get started.

People, Cars and Bikes DVD
  • People, Cars and Bikes DVD
Post and Packaging: FREE
Price: £12.00

My DVD on People, cars and bikes, will give you confidence to put people in the picture, as well as vehicles. Just think,
if Constable hadn´t painted the vehicles of his day, we wouldn´t have his greatest painting!